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NxtDiv provides the end to end software testing services with quality assurance and ensuring zero defect. Our skilled QA team have hands-on , end to end analysis of the challenges faced by the clients in their projects. We implement the best software testing methodologies on our promise of quality assurance to meet your needs.

Our Testing Services

Functional Testing

Functional Testing is a type of software testing that validates the software system against the functional requirements/specifications. The purpose of Functional tests is to test each function of the software application, by providing appropriate input, verifying the output against the Functional requirements.

Functional testing mainly involves black box testing and it is not concerned about the source code of the application. This testing checks User Interface, APIs, Database, Security, Client/Server communication and other functionality of the Application Under Test. The testing can be done either manually or using automation.

Automation Testing

NxtDiv is leading in Quality Assurance and Software Testing field with considerable testing expertise and experience in automation testing. We have skilled and competent testers who can carry out customized automation testing as per requirements, depending on the scale of the project. We achieve Quality at Speed to stay competitive and keep up with customer preferences. We follow DevOps Testing approach to focus on quick and continuous development and delivery/deployment of business-critical applications across diverse platforms. Our goal is Better Quality, more coverage, Save time and money.

Performance Testing

We have extensive experience in providing cutting edge services to global clients. We provide end-to-end performance engineering solutions to help our clients launch application that run high Speed, Scalable and Stable. Our Performance engineering team investigates and recommends possible optimizations as early as possible to maximize the performance of the application and not spend on infrastructure.

API Testing

NxtDiv offers complete API testing solutions to address both functional and non-functional requirements and validation of APIs and ensure maximum test coverage, reduced complexity, increased performance with the highest data security. Our team is always up-to-date with the latest innovations, follows best practice API testing and uses modern testing tools and methods to ensure that your software is flawless and bug-free.

Security Testing

NxtDiv offers end-to-end security testing services by deploying cutting-edge technologies, tools, and guidelines to perform thorough security testing on all aspects of your software, mobile app, and web application for security vulnerabilities (including digital payments, information collection, and information storage).

Our process in Software Testing

1. We first understand the project, and analyse the requirements.
3. We design the test cases to ensure the quality of the software is maintained.
5. Then, we take all the test results into consideration and prepare a test report with graphical analysis to deliver an efficient software.
2. We create the test plan for the required software testing.
4. We set up the test environment and start the test execution with proper precautions in organized manner.

Our Expertise with Testing Tools